When Working with PGA Tour Pros, the Answer is Always Yes

Titleist_van MARANA, Ariz. — Some players are picky about their equipment, but others are a little nuts. Case in point, Ross Fisher.
The 29-year-old Englishman, who is currently ranked No. 38 in the world, asked to have his clubs re-gripped Monday morning. Peter Bezck, working in Titleist’s tour van, removed the old grips without touching the layers of tape underneath. He then put new grips on that were identical to the old ones and sent them back to Fisher
However, around lunch time, Fisher’s caddie shook his head as he approached Bezck and the Titleist tour van. Fisher felt the grips were now too big, even though none of the three wraps of tape under his grips had been touched.
To make the grips  feel small, Bezck had to cut the fresh grips off, use a blowtorch to soften the old tape and then scrape it off with a box cutter. He carefully applied a layer of masking tape, and then a layer of double-sided tape before sliding another new set of grips into place.
As the old saying goes, the customer is always right. Even if he’s a little crazy.