Reader Question: What ever happened to the Futura?

Reader Question: What ever happened to the Futura?

Scottycameronfutura Chuck, a Shop Blog reader, posted a question asking about a putter that made waves when it was first spotted on the PGA Tour:

Does anyone use the Scotty Cameron original Futura or one of the newer Futura mallets? I remember when Phil Mickleson used the original and he seemed to play well with it. Next thing you knew, it disappeared.

I recently spoke with Scotty Cameron and the topic of the Futura came up. Cameron says he never intended to let the Futura outside his studio, but when Phil Mickelson saw it there and tried it, he loved the putter so much he put it into his bag.
Cameron claims the putter was made as an experiment to learn more about the effects of extreme perimeter weighting and design. But in 2003 it was made available to the public. TompernicecameronfuturaLike Mickelson, some players love the odd-looking Futura. Others likened to a "potato masher on a stick." 
"There were a lot of negative things said about the Futura," Cameron recalled. "The sound was a little hollow — some people liked it and some people didn’t. I wanted it to be cushier, softer and give more control. It looked bizarre with that weight, but it did a lot of good things."
According to Titleist, there are only a few Futuras still in use. On the PGA Tour Tom Pernice, Jr. (right), Colt Knost, Rick Price and Jason Duffner each use one. On the Champions Tour, the Futura is the putter of choice for Scott Hoch and Joey Sindelar.(Pernice photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

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