Ogio golf bags clearly have magnetic appeal

Ogio golf bags clearly have magnetic appeal

ORLANDO, Fla. — My vote for most magnetic golf company at the PGA Merchandise Show here goes to Ogio. They’re known for their assortment of fun and functional golf bags, and they make cool over-the-shoulder bags and luggage, too. They come up with interesting innovations, and this year it’s all about magnets. Ogioblue_300 The Devolver (right) looks like your standard big, overweight cart bag, perfect for golfers who require lots of pocket space. But the bag has a surprise — an outer vest fastened by magnets and two hooks. When removed, you get a sleeker, slimmed-down bag that can be realistically used as a carry bag. Clever. There’s more. The removed vest can be folded up and turned into a makeshift Sunday bag to carry a few clubs, say, around a par-3 course. It’s three bags in one.

The Anomaly really is a big bag. It’s Ogio’s Cadillac. It’s big and roomy and hefty — more than 9 pounds. It’s unique because it has no inner skeleton of tubes holding it together. The Anomaly is held in place by an outer plastic frame that wraps around the bag. The Ogio developers tested the plastic to 180 degrees (it gets hot in your trunk if you live in Tucson) and to 40 degrees below zero. It’s practically unbreakable, and for $340, it probably should be.

Another cool innovation is Ogio’s 2 To 1 strap. It’s a double-strap bag at the start, but one strap unhooks, and it comes with a sleeve that pulls up to bind both straps together. Bingo, you’ve got a one-strap bag, perfect for club caddies who have to double-bag.

My favorite new product is the Sliver, a super-lightweight carry bag at less than two pounds. It has a water-resistant bottom, no fold-out legs, saddlebag-like pockets, a big ball pouch, a bottle holder and five compartments. Incredibly, it holds all 14 clubs. It also has a single strap. It’s a throwback to the days when we used to actually carry our own bags, and it’s $70.

A related product is the Bus, a soft duffel-bag-style luggage case. It’s the maximum size you’re allowed to use for checking luggage on planes. If you need even more room, you pull the top portion off the bag. It has magnetic edges and forms into a second small bag, which you can safely check because it also has latches. (Photo: David Walberg/SI)

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