Heavy Putter releases lighter models for 2009

Heavyputterh1 ORLANDO, Fla. — Pick up one of Stephen Boccieri’s putters, and you know right away that it’s different from everything else on the rack. Tipping the scales at about 900 grams (nearly twice the weight of most putters), his original invention, the Heavy Putter, is the Hummer of flatsticks.
But like SUVs, even Heavy Putters are getting smaller these days. Here at the PGA Show, Boccieri is begrudgingly launching a new Mid-Weight family of putters, which tip the scales at 750 grams.
"For a lot of people, it was too much of a quantum leap to go from a conventional putter at 500 grams to jump into one of our putters that was twice the weight," he said Wednesday. "We couldn’t overcome it. People would literally pick it up and put it down."
The new Mid-Weight line is designed as a compromise, giving golfers who are looking for a heavier putter an option that doesn’t feel too cumbersome. Unlike previous designs that featured circular cutouts and weight inserts in the head, each of the six Mid-Weights is either a classic blade or simple mallet design in either a satin or black PVD finish. For a better look at the center-shafted H1 mallet, click on the photo.
The Mid-Weight Heavy Putters are all made from stainless steel, have 3°of loft and are available in lengths from 32" to 37" for $169.