Nike Golf Set to Release New Dymo Drivers

Nike Golf Set to Release New Dymo Drivers

Nikedymo2str8fitdriver_600 Nike is preparing to release its new family of Dymo drivers in early 2009. The line will have four drivers; two models, the SQ Dymo STR8-Fit and SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit, will feature Nike’s first adjustable-head system.
Using a wrench that comes with every Dymo and Dymo2 STR8-Fit driver, you can unscrew the head from its shaft (right), and then re-attach it in one of eight different playing positions. If you tend to slice the ball, turning the shaft to the left and into one of three closed-face positions should help you hit a straighter shot. If you tend to hook the ball, you can choose one of three open-faced playing positions to find more fairways.
Depending on the adjustments made by the player, Nike says the effective playing loft of a 10.5° SQ Dymo STR8-Fit or SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit driver can range from 8.5° to 12.5°. The chart below gives more details. (Click on it for a larger view.)







The grip that comes standard on both drivers has been specially designed to look and feel exactly the same regardless of the playing position. The UST AXIV Core Shaft that also comes standard is available in 59-, 69- and 79-gram versions with four flex options. Nikedymodrivers_600x600

The SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit (photo, left) has a square head and is meant to appeal to players who are seeking to maximize forgiveness and distance. The SQ Dymo STR8-Fit (photo, right) has a traditional look and should allow players to
draw or fade the ball a little more easily. However, discretionary
weight has been added to the back-left and back-right areas to increase
the club’s moment of inertia. Click on the photo for a better view.
Another unique aspect of the new Dymo drivers is a weight system called the PowerBow. Essentially, drivers of different lofts have a slightly different U-shaped weight in the back of the club. The higher the loft, the larger the weight. According to Nike, this optimizes the moment of inertia and the center of gravity for each loft.
The Dymo STR8-Fit will have a retail price of $540.
If that price is a little steep, Nike will also offer the SQ Dymo and SQ Dymo2 drivers without the STR8-Fit system for $360. These will still have the progressive PowerBow weight system and, according to Nike, many of the same playing qualities. The SQ Dymo2 and SQ Dymo will be available in lofts from 8.5°-11.5°, along with a High Loft version, and come standard with a UST Wide Body shaft that features an AXIV Core tip section.
The Nike Dymo drivers will be available starting February 1, 2009, while the Dymo STR8-Fit drivers will be available April 1, 2009.

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