PowerBilt's new nitrogen-infused driver

PowerBilt’s new nitrogen-infused driver

Powerbiltairforceone You might think PowerBilt’s full of it. You’d be right.
Billed as the next big thing in golf, PowerBilt unveiled its newest driver yesterday – the Air Force One, a club pressurized with nitrogen, which the company claims will help maximize distance and optimize a ball’s spin rate.
By filling the head with 150 psi of nitrogen, the clubface is supported without any mechanical bracing, allowing PowerBilt to use a thinner face, which they claim maximizes the club’s trampoline effect. (The thinner the clubface, the higher the effect.)
The driver creates up to 25 psi of trampoline effect at impact. Other drivers have 0 psi. I tested the nitrogen-filled drivers and hybrids, and the ball seemed to jump off the face more than my current driver. The clubs are very light and come in two distinct models – Geometric (above) and the traditionally shaped Player Series.
PowerBilt is not promoting the driver, which the company claims is leak-proof, as a gimmick but as a club that really gives players maximum distance. However, a nitrogen-pressurized driver coming from a company that has lost much of its market over the years will certainly be seen as not much more than an attention-getter. After testing the club, it seemed to give me a bit more distance, especially when I found the sweet spot. So I’d say it’s at least worth taking for a spin.
The driver will be available in December for $399.

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