'Limited Edition' Deep Face Heavy Putter

‘Limited Edition’ Deep Face Heavy Putter

C2le4_2 Rob Sauerhaft, GOLF Magazine’s managing editor for equipment, told readers about the new Deep Face line of Heavy Putters from Boccieri Golf in the January issue. In a nutshell, the Deep Face putters have a hitting area that is one-quarter of an inch higher than conventional putters. The idea is to position the putter face’s "sweet spot" at the same height as the equator of the golf ball. According to the company, this will help players improve their distance control and get the ball rolling faster.

To commemorate the launch of the new line of putters, Boccieri Golf is releasing a Limited Edition version of the C2-DF putter. Only 500 will be made, and each will be numbered and come with a letter of authenticity signed by the designer, Stephen Boccieri.

The Limited Edition putters start as a solid block of 303 Stainless Steel and are then milled into the shape you see above. A special finish is applied to give them a darker, rust-colored look that should help reduce glare. A custom head cover and leather grip complete the distinctive look.

As of publishing, there were still Limited Edition versions of the Heavy Putter C2-DF available on heavyputter.com.

To read more about what golfers like you think about Heavy Putter, check out the details and reviews in the GOLF.com Equipment Finder. — David Dusek

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