Reviews edited by Michael Chwasky

There is no club in your bag you use more than your putter. It’s the only stick you swing on every hole (unless you chip-in or knock it close enough for a gimme). Many players are focused on finding the latest and greatest irons or drivers, but your flatstick deserves more attention than anything else.

Finding the right putter for your game, however, can be an intimidating and laborious process. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Below, we reviewed 19 of the best new putters on the market, both from major manufacturers, and some lesser-known putter makers.

For your benefit, we’ve separated the putters in two categories based on head shape: Blade putters and Mallet putters.

For some players, a traditional arcing stroke is the only way to go. Blade putters are the choice for them.

Mallet putters, on the other hand, are designed with different goals in mind. Once eschewed for their non-classical looks, modern mallets are on the rise, with updated aesthetics and tech that masks a ton of stroke mistakes.

Whether you’re on Team Mallet or Team Blade (or you’re more of mercenary who will use whatever works), our reviews can help you find the perfect match to help you roll in the short ones and the long ones every time.

Blade Putter Reviews

Mallet Putter Reviews