Slice of Hawaiian island, including two golf courses, for sale for $260 million

September 7, 2017

Ever dream of owning a Hawaiian golf course? Here’s your chance to make it a reality.

A large piece of property on the tiny Hawaiian island of Molokai is on the market for $260 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. The land is known as Molokai Ranch, and in addition to beaches, ranchland (with 1,200 heads of cattle!) and forests, the 55,575-acre plot also reportedly includes two golf courses.

But before you pull out your checkbook, know that the transition may not run smoothly. The Journal reports that previous efforts to sell were met with “intense local opposition,” as residents would prefer to keep their sleepy, rural island free of bustling developments.

The Journal article also included this ominous passage: “In 2003, the previous owners of Molokai Ranch proposed a master plan that would have sold 200 lots for luxury homes, built a new hotel and donated 26,000 acres to a land trust, said Kah Meng Ho, chief financial officer of GL Limited, a Singapore-based holding company which became the parent company of the ranch in the mid-2000s. Islanders protested by posting signs against the plan, voicing dissent at planning meetings and establishing a “resistance camp” near the development site.

The island’s westernmost course, Kaluakoi GC, closed in 2008.’s calls to the second course, Ironwood Hills GC, were not immediately returned.