Report: New Tiger-Designed Course Proposed Without Public Input

December 27, 2016

It appears a newly planned public golf course in Chicago, led in design by Tiger Woods and potentially a “related element” to Barack Obama’s presidential library, is on a hasty timeline.

According to a report from the Chicago Sun Times, initial plans for the golf course, which would combine land from both Jackson Park Golf Course and South Shore Golf Course, were made in secret and without public input.

Emails between Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Park District Supt. Michael Kelly and Marty Nesbitt, the chair of the Barack Obama Foundation reveal behind the scenes maneuvering for the golf course that has angered some local activists.

The golf course site will be adjacent to the Obama Center, a library and museum expected to be finished in 2020. The center will be run by Obama’s foundation.

The emails express that care should be taken when dealing with the public and the neighborhood community. That community, the article says, has opposed privately-funded projects on park land in the past. The Jackson Park Watch, a local community initiative, has detailed multiple issues it has with the proposals for the course. The new golf course will be largely funded by private donations–the result of a partnership between the city of Chicago, the Park District, and a new group called the Chicago Parks Golf Alliance.

As reported earlier this month, the course plans include a goal to finish building in 2020, in time to host a PGA Tour event in 2021. Check out the full report here.