PHOTOS: The transformation of TPC Sawgrass’ 12th hole

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Gone is the old 358-yard, drive-and-pitch par-4. In is an excitement-inducing, drivable 302-yard test.
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The old hole was the course's shortest par-4 and was notable only for the fact that it was different from every other hole.
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In 2016, the field made par or birdie 83 percent of the time on the old 12th.
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With the new design changes in place, expect to see big-time spikes in eagles and double-bogeys.
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In their stead is a mostly straight-ahead hole with a large, rectangular-shaped putting surface that mostly sits down as an extension of the fairway.
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First impressions are everything - you want to make a good one.
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Even the safe shot off the tee calls for astute risk/reward judgment. A shot placed up the left side of the fairway offers the most advantageous angle into the green, thanks to the green's right-to-left slope.