My Home: Chicago

Cog Hill Golf Club in Chicago
Joan Dost

Where to play
Sluman: It’s hard to beat Cog Hill Golf
& Country Club
($36-$138; 866-
the gold standard for public
courses. It’s in terrific shape
because they hold our Tour event
every year. It’s long for us but they’ve got
tees for the public.

Donald: Peter N. Jans Community
Golf Course
($17-$23; 847-475-9173; in Evanston is the
tightest course in America. It’s a par-3
course, with a couple of par 4s. It’s the
kind of place that’s open even if there’s
snow on the ground.

Where to eat

Donald: Blackbird (312-715-0708)
has contemporary American food. It’s
a small, boutique restaurant in the
West Loop.

Sluman: Tru (312-202-0001) is expen-
sive, but they’ll come in with the actual
wasabi root and shave it at your table.
Nine (312-575-9900) has great steaks.
RL (312-475-1100) is Ralph Lauren’s
restaurant. Great for a romantic lunch.

The best pizza in town
Donald: Giordano’s is good, deep-
dish Chicago pizza. It’s a chain.
Sometimes I’ll get the Supreme,
with peppers and sausage, but
usually I’m just a pepperoni
and mushrooms guy.

Sluman: I’m a thin-crust, New York
guy, so I go to the Home Run Inn. There
are a bunch of them. I’m a pepperoni
and green pepper guy.

Where to take the kids

Sluman: The Six Flags between Chicago
and Milwaukee. Go before the kids
are let out of school. The Field Museum
($12, $7 for kids; 312-922-9410, has Sue, the most
complete Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil.

Best wayto get to Wrigley

Donald: I take the L trainfrom
Evanston, which lets off at Addison. It’s
100 yards from there.

Sluman: I always drive to Wrigley. It’s $40 for “easy-out” parking, $20 other-
wise. You want “easy-out” so you’re
not blocked in by anybody.

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