Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club Mocks Trump in Letter to LPGA

July 16, 2015

What to do about The Donald?

As golf’s leading bodies tiptoe around that question in the wake of Donald Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, one man appears to have discovered that sarcasm might be the best response.

In a letter to LPGA Tour commissioner Michael Whan, David Southworth of the golf development company Southworth Development offered Whan the use of Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club for the relocation of the 2015 Ricoh Women’s British Open should he decide to move the event from Trump Turnberry in Scotland.

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t your everyday business correspondence. The letter reads as a cheeky rejoinder to Donald Trump’s own missive to Whan earlier this week, in which His Hairness publicly offered the commish the opportunity to relocate the 2015 Ricoh Women’s British Open to a course other than Turnberry.

“While it is true,” Southworth writes, “that it might prove difficult to re-stage all of the event support infrastructure required for a tournament like the Ricoh Women’s British Open at this late date — and that (Machrihanish Dunes’) SSSI status and the environmental safeguards associated with that would greatly limit the number of spectators who could be allowed on to the course — the good news is that the rough at Machrihanish Dunes is maintained, in part, by a very friendly (and photogenic) herd of Hebridean Black Sheep, who would add greatly to the event’s atmosphere and also constitute a very knowledgeable gallery for the players.”

It all began last month, when Trump made a speech announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in which he cast Mexican immigrants as a group made up of drug dealers, criminals rapists and some “good people.”

As outrage swelled, Trump told Golf Channel that he had received “tremendous support” from the golf world because “they know I’m right.”

Golf’s four major governing bodies responded with a joint statement distancing themselves from Trump’s remarks. Soon after, the PGA of America announced that it would not host its year-end event at Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles, as originally planned.

But there remained the matter of the Women’s Open, which is slated to kick off July 30 at Trump Turnberry. Though the LPGA never mentioned any desire to relocate the event, it did publicly frown on Trump’s remarks. Never one NOT to get the last word in, Trump responded with a snide letter to Whan saying, essentially, feel free move the tournament, if you dare.

Now, into the public conversation comes Southworth, whose company developed the Villages at Machrihanish Dunes in Scotland, a resort and real estate project that includes a David McLay Kidd-designed course. Part marketing ploy, part Trump-mockery, Southworth’s letter makes a tongue-in-cheek case for relocating the Open to Machrinhanish Dunes and closes with a nod to Mexican culture before signing off “Adios for now.”

“Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that The Old Clubhouse Pub at The Village at Machrihanish Dunes has the absolute best Mexican food in Scotland, and is the birthplace of haggis nachos.”

Check out the letter below:

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