Despite a Tough Market, Homes Are Selling on Tiger Woods’ Houston Golf Course

September 20, 2016

Tiger Woods sat out this golf season, but his ventures outside the ropes have succeeded in 2016. 

At Bluejack National in Houston, the first U.S-based golf course designed by Woods, the housing market is now seeing an uptick after some period of stagnation since opening in November 2015. 

According to The Courier, 400 homes are included in the master plan for the property, and 80 residential lots have been sold with more than 30 homes either built or in the building process.

The reason for slow inital growth is the recent drop in oil prices, where the cost of a barrel of oil has recently fallen more than 70% compared to 2014 prices. Casey Paulson, Bluejack National president, told The Courier that the issue was temporary.

“The fact that we’ve been able to do OK with the downturn is a sign we’ll be doing OK long-term,” Paulson said. “It’s not been a positive, but it’s not been a negative either.”

The private course at Bluejack National has a full 18-hole routing along with a 10-hole par-3 course and a Nike Golf Performance Center. Woods’ first venture in the U.S. was widely praised upon its grand opening in 2016.