Bart Bryant's advice for playing PGA West

Bart Bryant’s advice for playing PGA West

Bart knows about bunkers, so heed his advice!
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Q-School vet and 2005 Tour Championship winner Bart Bryant’s friendly warning on PGA West.

On the Stadium Course, which is the one everyone wants to play, it’s all about staying out of the bunkers because they’ve got some deep suckers there, man. Keep it in play and avoid the sand, because you can make some huge numbers from those bunkers.

My brother Brad was playing there in the late ’80s and on No. 15, a par 4, he missed right in a bunker, made a quadruple bogey and missed his card by one shot. I play it very conservatively. Three years ago when I played there, if a pin was tucked anywhere near the sand I’d just aim away from it for the safe spot on the green.

Miss right on 16! You can take three or four strokes to get out of that bunker if you miss left. That’s the whole lure .of the course, those famous big bunkers. But there’s water on it too!

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