Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How high should I tee up my golf ball?

November 9, 2018

How high should you tee up your golf ball? It’s one of those common problems that every golfer wonders about, but it’s so straightforward that many of them are afraid to ask. Well, don’t worry, because GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel is here to help.

Many golfers tend to tee the ball too high — especially with their iron. In reality, the ball should rest just above the grass when you’re selecting an iron. When you’re going with a fairway wood, peg it about half an inch, and if you’re going with the big stick, a tee height of about an inch and a half. Do that, and you’ll be well on your way to hitting great shots all through

Watch the video above to see all the necessary steps in action. And if you’re struggling with your game, check out Play With The Pros, powered by Swing AI, where GOLF Top 100 Instructor like Kellie are standing by to give you personalized swing advice.