Rob Lowe Quit Golf Because He Killed a Bird

January 22, 2015
Rob Lowe Golf.jpg

“This sport is for the birds!” is a common thought while golfing. Unfortunately, actor Rob Lowe can’t say the same.

Lowe, a guest on Conan O’Brien on Jan. 19, described golf as one of the activities that kept him young — but also as a sport he will ‘never play again.’

“I went to a PGA Pro-Am celebrity thing in the state capital of Iowa, and I hit a really, I thought, nice sand wedge,” Lowe told O’Brien. “And BOINK, in the air, dead — into the trap.” He even indulged the audience with a finger-path in the air.

And for those of you wondering, the state bird of Iowa is a finch…not exactly a large target.

Something so statistically unlikely as hitting a state bird with a golf shot — as in, one in 747 million, according to Lowe and the tournament insurers — would probably never happen again. But Lowe said he wasn’t going to take any chances.

“I figured, I’m quitting after that,” said Lowe. “A real birdie!”

You can watch the full clip here, starting at 17:30.

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