Lee Westwood Saves Drowning Millionaire in Barbados

January 21, 2015
Lee Westwood2.jpg

Lee Westwood was in the right place at the right time while vacationing in Barbados last week, where he charged into the ocean to save a man from drowning, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Westwood and his family were seated on the beach beside Colin Davies’ family when Davies decided to go for a swim. Davies, a British millionaire who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, was out of his wife’s earshot when his legs locked up and he started to flounder.

The 41-year-old Westwood jumped into the water and rescued Davies before he went under.

Westwood took to Twitter on Jan. 21 to respond to questions about the episode:

Reports say Davies was unaware of who his savior was until another bystander inquired about Westwood.

“If there is a power looking over us,” Davies told the Birmingham Mail, “I hope he takes note and delivers three majors to this kind and gentle human being.”

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