Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley Haven’t Talked Since the Accident

January 8, 2015

Charles Barkley isn’t upset, he’s just disappointed.

Chuck opened up about his relationship with Tiger Woods on the “Seth Davis Show,” saying that he and Woods have not talked since the fire-hydrant incident in 2009 led to Woods’ personal infidelities being put on public display.

“You know, he went in a different direction. I’m not upset by that, I’m disappointed,” Barkley said in the interview from Campus Insiders. “That night changed his life forever,” Barkley continued, saying again he wasn’t upset.

“He chose to handle that—to sever from his friends—and I have to accept that,” Barkley said.

As disappointed as he may be, he is still in Woods’ corner.

“I really want him to break Jack Nicklaus’ record,” Barkley said. “I think Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer that ever lived.”

Here’s the full clip from the interview:



Barkley also talks about the poor state of his golf game and compares his plight to that of 1991 British Open champion Ian Baker-Finch, who later struggled to break 80.

“I’ve tried everything,” Barkley tells Davis. “And let me tell you folks something at home: Don’t get hypnotized because that doesn’t work!”

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