This Could Be The Worst Golf Shot Of All Time

This Could Be The Worst Golf Shot Of All Time

Guy hits self in face with ball at driving range

Is this the worst shot in the history of golf? We’re not sure where or when it happened, but it’s going to be tough to top this one for worst shot ever. It’s also almost impossible to replicate. How did that kid pull it off and can he do it again? We’ll keep an eye on YouTube to see if there is a sequel to what shall be known from here forward as a face-shot.

If you are like me, you never quite know what is going to happen when the club face meets the ball. Mis-hits happen to the best of us. Here’s Sergio Garcia, one of the best ball strikers in the world, hitting one of the best snap hooks ever during this year’s Ryder Cup:


Sergio ob Snap Hook Drive on 5

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It can even happen to the world’s best player. Here is Rory McIlroy from earlier this year in Dubai:

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