Geoff Ogilvy: Tiger Gives 'Nothing' Interviews to 'Media Cheerleaders'

Geoff Ogilvy: Tiger Gives ‘Nothing’ Interviews to ‘Media Cheerleaders’

Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy Tiger Woods and Geoff Ogilvy at the 2009 Presidents Cup.

2006 U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy doesn’t agree with Brandel Chamblee’s controversial opinion that Tiger Woods was “cavalier with the rules” this season, but Ogilvy defends Chamblee’s right to express it.
Ogilvy, writing in Golf World, said that both Woods and “media cheerleaders” have created a sanitized environment around golf, where strong opinions are rarely offered.

To my mind, Brandel is one of the best things on Golf Channel. And let’s be clear: He isn’t employed to give us facts; he is there to offer opinion. So he should be allowed to do so. That’s what frustrated me most about this entire affair: the idea that someone in the media should somehow not be able to call it the way he or she sees it. That doesn’t sit well with me.
Maybe tour players are just too spoiled. Because we are pampered in so many areas of our lives, we perhaps have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the media. In general we’d be better off not being so precious about what appears in print and on-screen. Our relationship with the media should be similar to what we have with our parents or closest friends: one where absolute frankness is best for all concerned.

And Woods could do himself a big favor by being more frank in his interviews.

It works both ways though. Much of what went on between Tiger and Brandel could have been avoided if Tiger would give open answers to questions — “real” interviews, not just “nothing” interviews. Imagine how much clearer everything could have been if he had sat down after the Masters or the Players or the BMW Championship and run us through exactly what went on and what he was thinking. Not doing so only encouraged all kinds of rampant speculation and generally ill-informed conspiracy theories.

If Woods needs any help being more “real” in interviews, we know a good role model: Geoff Ogilvy.
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