Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ever wished you could replace your regular, old human caddy with a llama? If so, your dream nine holes with a camel's furry, South American cousin has come true this summer at the High Hamptons Inn in Cashiers, N.C., according to its press release:

The new star-studded line-up at High Hampton Inn wears fur coats, walks on four legs and enjoys golf and long hikes around Hampton Lake.  No, guests aren’t seeing things; llamas are making a home at High Hampton Inn this summer!  Serving as furry Sherpa’s for guided hikes and as golf caddies every Thursday and Friday during the summer, the llamas are a special addition during the Inn’s 90th season. . .
“I wish I had a camera to capture guests’ faces when they see the llamas standing by Rock Mountain Tavern,” says Clifford Meads, general manager of High Hampton Inn.  “It’s a look of surprise, excitement and awe all in one.”

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