Thursday, October 21, 2010

We had an extremely full itinerary on Day Three of our Northern California Grand Golf Adventure, so we gathered together before the sun came up to get an early start on our two-hour drive south to our final golf destination, Poppy Hills.
Travelin’ Joe and I were really excited to introduce Clark to Pebble Beach. As we neared the Monterey Peninsula, Joe explained that we were entering into the vicinity of some of the most hallowed ground in the history of the game, and we couldn’t leave Pebble Beach without taking a mini-tour of the area. Since we had an 8:30 a.m. starting time, we decided to take the tour after the round.
It was misty and chilly when we teed off, but the sun began to peek through the clouds by the time we finished nine holes. Even though the course was covered in early morning dew, the fairways and greens were rolling well.
Poppy Hills has several holes that offer great risk-reward opportunities for better players, but it’s also playable for beginners like Clark, as evidenced by his continued success. He came close to getting on a couple of greens in regulation, and he demonstrated some sound course-management skills.
Clark’s progress over the past few days has been truly remarkable – not only has he learned the basics of the golf swing, but, thanks in large part to Joe, he’s also been indoctrinated with a solid sense of the game’s history. He told us that he feels he can appreciate golf in a way he never has before.
After our round at Poppy Hills, Joe led us along 17-Mile Drive to visit Pebble Beach itself, the site of this year’s U.S. Open.
There aren’t too many places on the planet that can elicit genuine awe and reverence quite like Pebble Beach. We took our time strolling around the grounds and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Tap Room – the perfect place to soak up more golf history.
It was hard to leave, but after lunch it was time to get back on the road for a six-hour drive north to Lake Tahoe. We arrived late in the evening and settled in at the Montbleu Resort Casino and Spa – our final stop on this Grand Golf Adventure.
Make sure to check back in with us tomorrow to see how we fare in our grand finale – a wild ride on the Rubicon Trail. Wish us luck!

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