Thursday, November 19, 2009

What does it feel like to play golf in 122-degree heat? What happens to your game when you're 10,800 feet above sea level? Lindsay Knowlton and Josh Sullivan are about to find out.
Both work for TaylorMade-adidas and were chosen to test their games in the most extreme conditions around the world.Witw_600
Starting today with a kickoff at the company's headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., Knowlton and Sullivan, who both have single-digit handicaps, will travel to five courses in the Southern Hemisphere, learn about local cultures and participate in several thrill-seeking adventures.
They will be blogging about their adventures at and, as well as filing Twitter and Facebook updates.'s style expert Woody Hochswender has a preview of some of the gear the pair will use in the extreme environments.  Here's a list of the extreme courses Knowlton and Sullivan will be playing: Furnace Creek, Calif.: The world's lowest elevation golf course at 214 ft. below sea level. LaPaz Golf Club, Bolivia: The world's highest elevation course at 10,800 ft. above sea level. Ushuaia, Argentina: The world's southern-most 18-hole golf course. Walker Bay Golf Resort, South Africa: Africa's southern-most golf course. Alice Springs, Australia: The world's hottest golf course. Temperatures can exceed 122 degrees.

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