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John Daly Brings Personality, Spice to Champions Tour
By Kevin Cunningham
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Two days after butting heads with the organization over a golf cart, John Daly is still fed up with the USGA. But now he's suggesting it's a rift that may never end.

On Tuesday, the two-time major champion said he would never play in another golf tournament run by the USGA, telling a reporter from USA Today Sports it was "just not worth it to me."

Daly made headlines earlier this week when he withdrew in anger from the U.S. Senior Open after being denied a medical exemption to use a golf cart during the tournament.

John Daly pulls up to the 18th green in his golf cart during the final round of the 2017 Mitsubishi Electric Classic.
Getty Images

"I had to WD from the U.S. Senior Open. The deterioriating osteoarthritis isn't helping my rt knee," Daly wrote. "I fall under the ADANational but USGA turned down a cart for me this week. Just going to give the knee a rest. Don't know what's ahead for me."

But the USGA fired back, claiming the pro did not submit the proper documentation to earn an exemption under the organization's no-cart policy.

The back-and-forth seems to have angered Daly even more. He claimed Tuesday that "no 'additional information'" had been requested by the USGA.

Daly didn't restrict his criticism to this specific incident. He also criticized their handling of Shinnecock Hills during the U.S. Open, saying, "It just seems like something happens every year they host an event that looks bad on them. They just never seem to learn from their mistakes," according to USA Today Sports' report.

Daly injured his right knee while jumping out of the way of a car that crashed into his RV in Augusta, Ga. Daly had been there selling merchandise and signing autographs during Masters week. He joined the PGA Tour Champions in 2016 after turning 50, though he still plays in some PGA Tour events.

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