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Slow Play: Will the best players in the field ever get slapped with a penalty?
The GOLF Live team discusses the PGA Tour’s haphazard approach to slow play penalties.
By Kiley Bense
Friday, March 02, 2018

Francesco Molinari vented his frustrations about a slow play warning on Twitter, saying that it was "incredible" that he'd been singled out. The Twitter rant began after he'd finished his first round at the WGC-Mexico Championship with an even par 71.

Molinari joins a long list of pros who've gotten upset about the PGA Tour's haphazard enforcement of rules around slow play, with some asserting that more famous players are less likely to be slapped with a warning or penalty. The PGA Tour gave out its first slow play penalty in more than 20 years in 2017, to the team of Miguel Angel Carballo and Brian Campbell at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans.

Molinari admitted that he took too long on his shot, but said he was angry because the PGA Tour did not apply the rules in an evenhanded way.

Francesco Molinari was upset by what he views as an unfair application of the rules at the WGC Mexico Championship this week.

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Read the full tweetstorm below:

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