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By Jessica Marksbury
Thursday, March 29, 2018

Planning on heading to the Masters this year? If you weren't lucky enough to win access to purchase tickets in the annual lottery, don't worry — you can still buy tickets in Augusta, but unfortunately, you'll play a significantly higher price than the published face value ($75 for practice rounds, and $115 for tournament rounds).

Vividseats.com is currently offering the following daily and multi-day combination ticket prices:

Monday - $395

Tuesday - $585 

Wednesday - $713

Thursday - $1,610

Friday - $1,561

Saturday - $1,463

Sunday - $1,499

Thursday – Sunday (4 day badge) - $6,383

Thursday & Friday (2 day badge) - $3,518

A trip to the Masters can be pricey indeed, but hey, at least the concessions are cheap!

Tour & News
Looking to buy or sell pre-owned Masters tickets? Buyers and sellers, beware!

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