Faldo (right) wasn't the only player to make an ace in Nantz' backyard Friday evening.
By Sean Zak
Saturday, February 10, 2018

Nick Faldo and Jim Nantz are good buddies, and they both really love Pebble Beach. They've combined to tell us about it a time or two, and that love affair isn't going away anytime soon.

Nantz owns a home at Pebble, and in his backyard is a replica of the famed par-3 7th. It was fitting then that his good buddy Faldo — with quite the audience — stepped up and aced Nantz' backyard hole Friday evening.

Faldo, in a camo jacket, tossed a little saw-ed off wedge onto the green. It bounced high once, then again and jarred in for the hole-in-one. Thankfully, someone caught it on camera and Faldo tweeted it out to the world.

But Sir Nick was not alone. We can thank golf analyst Luke Elvy for posting a second photo from the evening, in which Faldo is joined by Mark Immelman, both holding up one finger, the universal sign for "Yes, I made an ace."

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