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Warriors' Steph Curry to play Web.com event
Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, an avid golfer, will have a chance to show his stuff off on tour, receiving a sponsor invite to the Web.com's Ellie Mae Classic.
By Kiley Bense
Friday, February 09, 2018

An amateur named Julio Bell sparked outrage on social media this week after he entered a Web.com tour event on a sponsor's exemption only to shoot 93-105. Bell's entry in the Club Colombia Championship in Bogota, Colombia technically ended in a DQ (circumstances around the DQ were not immediately clear) and a storm of criticism. 

While some golf fans support stars like Steph Curry using sponsor's exemptions to enter tournaments, many are unhappy with someone like Bell (who only started playing golf a few years ago) taking the spot of another player who they consider more deserving. But Bell was apparently a local favorite, according to tweets from spectators at the course, with a large gallery following him in support.

Take a look at his scorecard below:

Via PGA Tour

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