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Has Justin Thomas caught up with Jordan Spieth?
Golf.com's Sean Zak assesses whether Justin Thomas' recent success means he should be put on the same level as Jordan Spieth. 
Thursday, December 07, 2017

(AP) — Jordan Spieth doesn't know his jacket size. He only knows one of the jackets he owns - a green one - is too big.

"I never got it tailored, so it's huge," Spieth said of his green jacket from winning the 2015 Masters. "I never trusted anybody, never wanted anyone to go do it. I didn't give them my size originally. I wore the one off the green that day, and I never gave it back to them to tailor or anything. I should now."

Asked for his jacket size, Spieth wasn't sure, only that it was somewhere around a 40.

Jordan Spieth is presented with his green jacket after the final round of the 2015 Masters.

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There's a reason he doesn't know. Spieth doesn't own a lot of jackets. He did get a couple of them before the Presidents Cup, and he put it on the tab of Justin Thomas.

"I bought two suits on Justin's Polo account ... and that's the only nice clothes that I've ever bought," Spieth said. "I bought two suits and the shoes and sweaters and whatnot because he got a discount. So I got some really nice stuff."

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What did Thomas get out of the deal?

"I asked him if he wanted any underwear in return or something," Spieth said with a smile.

One of his top sponsors is Under Armour.