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Tiger Woods videos send golf world into frenzy
Tiger Woods hasn't played on the PGA Tour in several months, but he seems to be getting healthier.
By Dylan Dethier
Monday, October 23, 2017

For a time, Tiger Woods' "stinger" was among the most fascinating -- and reliable -- shots in all of golf. In a slow-motion video posted Monday afternoon, the 14-time major winner hits a long iron hard and low out towards a fairway, adding a characteristic club twirl for effect.

"Return of the Stinger," Woods wrote in a tweet, adding "#starwars."

The 1983 blockbuster "Return of the Jedi" was released when Woods was just 7 years old, so it may have even predated Tiger's stinger. But Jedi or not, the golf world continues to carefully monitor his progress and eagerly awaits his return. Check it out:



The video is the latest in a series released by Woods. First came footage of a pitch shot August 31, which was followed by "smooth iron shots" October 7th, a longer iron at a clinic October 10th, and a full-swing driver October 15th. Last week, agent Mark Steinberg announced that Woods was cleared by doctors for an "unrestricted" return to golf.

Viewers can make their own opinions on how Woods' swing is looking, but one thing seems clear: this is a man very interested in returning to play.

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