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What's Tiger Woods's next move PR-wise?
After Tiger Woods's DUI arrest on Monday, our GOLF Live panel discusses what Woods's team does next.
By Michael Rosenberg
Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Your friend calls.
You can tell right away that something is wrong. Her voice is quieter. The words come out slower. She says she is OK, but she is horribly embarrassed. And she is retroactively scared, if that's possible, because what happened could have been so much worse.
It was early morning. She was driving home. She doesn't know exactly what happened, but all evidence points to her falling asleep at the wheel. She thinks it was from a combination of prescription medications. You know she has had numerous surgeries to fix back and leg injuries in recent years, but she has always stayed positive and sworn she would be herself again, even though you had your doubts.
Her car is a mess, and the cops picked her up and gave her a Breathalyzer. She blew a 0.00 because she hadn’t been drinking, but they gave her a DUI, which she deserved. She is just thankful that nobody got hurt.
What do you think?
* * *
Your cousin calls.
He says he is sorry he has been out of touch lately. He is sorry for a lot of things. He and his wife are getting divorced, and it's entirely his fault. He was unfaithful. Repeatedly. He is too embarrassed to go into details, but this was a lot more than one night, and frankly a lot more than one woman.
He says this is entirely his fault. He has done a lot of thinking about how he has lived his life. His recklessness and selfishness have cost him his marriage, and he understands he has to live with that.

How we interpret Tiger Woods's actions has much more to do with us than it does with him.
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I can't promise you Woods is telling the truth about accidentally mixing prescription medications. But there is a lot more evidence for that than there is of him being a drug addict, a lost soul or depressed because he hasn't won a major in nine years.
You can connect this to the fire hydrant he hit in 2009 and the infidelity revelations that followed if you'd like. But understand: You are not connecting the dots in his life. You are just connecting tabloid headlines. You are viewing Woods as a character in a novel instead of as a 41-year-old injured golfer with two kids.

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