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Details emerge from Tiger Woods arrest: Found asleep at wheel, .000 BAC
Police found Woods asleep at the wheel of a parked car. He was unaware of his location and registered .000 on a BAC breathalyzer test.
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New details have surfaced about the state of Tiger Woods' vehicle at the time of his arrest Monday morning.

According to police reports, Woods’ vehicle had "fresh damage," including two flat tires on the driver's side and "minor damage" to the front and rear bumpers. There was also slight damage to both driver's side rims.

Though Woods was found asleep in his parked vehicle, it was stopped in the right lane (and partially in the bike lane) on N. Military Trail. The report noted that Woods was cooperative but slow to respond, and he used slurred language. He was also unaware of where he was, and when asked to recite the alphabet backwards, he thought he was instructed to recite the national anthem backwards.

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A dash-cam video of Woods' arrest is expected to be released Wednesday afternoon.

Tiger Woods is scheduled to appear in court July 5.
Getty Images // Ezra Shaw

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