Wednesday, January 25, 2012
The smartest thing I ever did?

I like watching TV, primarily sports but I'm addicted to Lost

I graduated from college in '98 and just hit the road.

I'm not a black-diamond skier, but Stewart Cink and Ben Crane gave me a new nickname: Double Black Zack

Nothing intimidates me, but I hate driving in L.A.

I had someone ask me if in the off-season I wouldn't mind teaching lessons in my spare time — for free

I'm a dog person.

I need to cut down on my "others."

Kim and I took our RV to two-thirds of the tournaments in 2005

I like to follow college football and basketball recruiting

I drive a BMW M3

My wife is the US Weekly reader, not me,

In college I signed an incorrect card and got disqualified

I don't like spending money on anything,

Stewart Cink is the best guy on Tour to play with.

I'd like to be remembered as a good guy,


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