Tom Gillis has one victory on the Tour to go along with nine Top 10 finishes on the PGA Tour.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Golf fans typically aren't the rowdiest bunch, so how did Tour pro Tom Gillis manage to get himself booed by the gallery watching Saturday's Air Capital Classic at Wichita's Crestview Country Club?

On Thursday, Gillis ripped the host club and its members on Twitter when he discovered that he would be warming up alongside…a woman.

The social media backlash was swift, with several angry fans promising Gillis a memorable reception later in the week, and sure enough, they let him have it as he approached the club's signature par-3 17th hole playing in the final group on Saturday afternoon.

Gillis, a 45-year-old Michigan native, would par the hole en route to a 1-over 71, leaving him six shots off the lead heading into Sunday's final round.

"I probably made the mistake of lumping everybody at the club into having a high opinion of themselves, when really there was one particular lady that was going to come out and chip balls because she didn’t care," Gillis told the Wichita Eagle on Friday. “She was mad that the tour was here because I heard her say it. She was 10 feet from me.”

It's unlikely that Gillis has endured his last repercussion. According to Golf News Net, the comments upset tournament director Roy Turner, who brought them to the attention of Tour official Tom Hearn.

“We're definitely following up on it," said Hearn. "I would like to say that hopefully the Crestview membership knows from the bottom of our hearts that is absolutely not the representation of the rest of the players and staff. When we come here, we are treated tremendously, and it’s a very unfortunate comment.”

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