PGA Tour Confidential: Webb Simpson wins the U.S. Open by one shot

Tiger Woods, final round, 2012 U.S. Open
Fred Vuich / SI
Tiger Woods shot 75-73 on the weekend and finished tied for 21st.

Gorant: Not to go negative, but what was the biggest disappointment of the week, Luke, Rory, Tiger, Westwood?

Lipsey: Woods's fade. He's human, really human, so get used to it.

Godich: Definitely Tiger. He's coming off an impressive victory, he has a share of the halfway lead, and then he does that on the weekend?

Herre: Tiger. He looked SO good for six consecutive rounds, then pfft. Just like at the Masters, he suddenly just lost it. Makes me wonder if this is the player we are going to be seeing from now on.

Dusek: Luke Donald shooting 11 over was shocking.

Hack: Donald. Gotta man up, No. 1. That was some bad golf.

Ritter: Gotta be Tiger first, Phil second. Many of us thought this would be Tiger's week, but he still hasn't played four solid rounds in a major post-hydrant. As for Phil, I thought he'd come out juiced for his Thursday-Friday grouping with Tiger, but he really laid an egg. Both surprised me.

Van Sickle: Tiger was the biggest surprise, given his 36-hole lead. Donald was the second biggest, given his BMW victory. Phil and Rory were playing rubbish coming in.

Wei: I thought this might be Westwood's week, but I swear he's jinxed. He was strangely calm afterwards (enjoying his first beer, going to an Irish pub tonight). As Cam said, better to gag early.

Walker: Tiger by a mile. After his round on Friday, he sounded so pleased with his game, and he was taking obvious pleasure in recounting his better shots. For him to finish the weekend 75-73 was a shock. That said, a lot of disappointment to go around this week.

Van Sickle: Tiger's turnaround (the wrong way) is a much bigger concern than his swing, which was magnificent the first two days and for four rounds at Memorial. That tells me it's mental, and that may be something Mr. Sean Foley can't help him with.

Lipsey: I think Woods's major-itis started when he lost to Yang at the PGA. That was the turning point in Woods's majors career. When history is written, maybe it'll be Yang who stopped Tiger's march to 19.

Reiterman: Even more disappointing is that Woods hardly needed driver this week. It was stunning how many poor shots he hit from the middle of the fairway.

Wei: Tiger. He had it teed up. I'm chalking it up to bad karma for when he refused to give Beau Hossler any love in his press conference.

Garrity: Not Tiger, even with his weekend collapse. He played two-and-a-half rounds with his tempo miraculously restored and with full command of his shots. I'd say Donald was the biggest bust. When the world's top-ranked player can't make major cuts, you know he's got the BPWOaM gorilla on his back.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: Who was the biggest disappointment: Tiger, Luke, Rory, Phil or Bubba?

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