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PGA Tour Confidential: Webb Simpson wins the U.S. Open by one shot

Jim Furyk, 2012 U.S. Open, final round
Robert Beck / SI
Jim Furyk held the lead for most of the day before making a few costly mistakes in the closing holes.

Gorant: The weather was great for three days and the rough was tame by Open standards, yet the winning score was one over. Olympic looked great on TV and kept the players off balance, but did it pass muster as an Open venue?

Herre: Absolutely. Played tough, but there were birdie holes. Nice mix of holes.

Morfit: Olympic was a great venue, and the way Mike Davis set up the course was beautiful. He likes to make the players think, and he caught Furyk totally by surprise by moving the tees 100 yards up on 16. Furyk wasn't pleased, but he admitted that everyone had to play the hole, and no one else hit as bad a shot as he did.

Godich: Without a doubt. Loved the drivable par-4. That was a nice change of pace after the brutal six-hole start.

Lipsey: The course was an Olympian test. I love it when players lose balls in trees!

Dusek: Olympic was fantastic. I loved the variety of the holes, the graduated rough and the consistency of the greens. U.S. Open golf is a unique animal, and I wouldn't want to see it every day, but it was a great test. And I loved how the Bay Area embraced the event and came out to support it. Awesome crowds all week.

Wei: It was difficult, but also a fair and pure test of golf. Well done.

Gary Van Sickle, senior writer, Sports Illustrated: Olympic is not a great course. Too much tilt, too much pitch, too many shots rolling into the same spot at the edge of the fairway. But it is a great Open venue because it's difficult, it looks great on TV, and the atmosphere is great -- the SF fans and hills and trees make it seem special. Let's come back every eight years.

Hack: Bravo, Mike Davis. He continues to present the best players in the world with a rigorous but fair test.

Ritter: Great week for Olympic and for Mike Davis, who punctuated it by taking out the Union-Jack-hatted moron who interrupted the trophy ceremony. The lesson: Do NOT mess with Mike Davis during U.S. Open week.

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Gorant: The pair with funky homemade swings both went backward on the final day. Was it Furyk's last shot? Will Graeme win another?

Morfit: Ernie's golf ball also spent a good portion of Sunday going backward.

Lipsey: Both guys have more gas and will be in the mix at more majors. But both seemed spent today.

Herre: I thought GMac would win today, and I expect him to play well for the rest of the year. He could win multiple majors. Furyk looked older than his age on the back nine today. This could be it for him in the big ones.

Godich: They may be in the mix, but I'm not sure either will win another. Furyk is 42, and I don't know that McDowell's swing is good enough.

Wei: I felt gutted for Furyk. He handled it as well as anyone could have, not to mention being candid. He said he took 15 minutes to cool off, so he wouldn't say the stuff he shouldn't. He took full responsibility for giving it away.

Dusek: Barring injury or something crazy happening, I could see both contending at Merion. Length won't be an issue, they're both grinders, and they both embrace the Mike Davis-era U.S. Open courses, so why not? Furyk, being from Pennsylvania, will get huge support, and everyone loves Graeme.

Hack: Nah, Furyk has a few more. Pinehurst, Chambers Bay and a return in 2016 to Oakmont, where he finished a shot behind Angel Cabrera. In fact, both should have other U.S. Open opportunities. You don't overpower this championship. You think your way around it. Both Jim and G-Mac are highly intelligent and darn tough.

Charlie Hanger, executive editor, I think it's very unlikely Furyk will get another chance this good. When he dumped the approach on 18 into the bunker and bit the shaft of his iron, it was clear how badly he wanted it. That was a tough way to end it.

Van Sickle: It's tougher for the over-40 guys to win because it means so much more to them at this point in their careers. Ernie, Furyk, Westwood. They know each chance may be their last. That's pressure.

Herre: Furyk simply looked overmatched to me down the stretch, like he was out of gas, which may explain the drive on 16 and the pulled wedge on 18.

Morfit: We have to keep in mind Furyk had held the lead in this thing since Friday night. That's a long time to think about and be asked about winning the U.S. Open. He held it together pretty well until 16. I've never seen him hit a shot like that.

Dusek: He was right there at Winged Foot in 2006, Oakmont in 2007 and now Olympic in 2012. Damn.

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