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Test your Olympic Club knowledge with this quiz

1. True. The Lake Course is named after its proximity to Lake Merced.
2. False. though Mac O’Grady might have approved. Following a practice round before the 1987 U.S. Open, he sat down for lunch, slapped the table and said, “This is the first flat surface I’ve been near today.”
3. False. They spell “I.O.U.” Though the designer insisted it was an accident.
4. True.
5. False. It was 105 balls.
6. True.
7. True. He knocked out John L. Sullivan in a bout at the Olympic Club in Louisiana.
8. True. The same Olympics immortalized in “Chariots of Fire.” The club has fielded teams in sports as diverse as basketball, soccer, water polo, diving, handball, fencing, bowling and billiards. It has also hosted the Davis Cup in tennis.
9. False. It was golf writer O.B. Keeler
10. False. Cobb lost to 12-year-old Bob Rosburg, who would win the 1959 PGA Championship. The rest is true.

EXTRA CREDIT: Unknown but plausible—Twain belonged to Olympic. This year’s U.S. Open field would do well to heed another quote attributed to the great writer: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

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