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Tour Confidential: The Day-Dubuisson Duel, Sergio's Sportsmanship and Ike's Tree

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods lines up a shot from underneath the Eisenhower Tree at the 2011 Masters.

5. Last week, Augusta National announced that the Eisenhower Tree on the 17th hole had to be removed after being damaged in an ice storm. If it’s possible, should the club replace the tree?

SHIPNUCK: Only if they tear out those awful new trees down the right side. With the Ike Tree, that hole had become way too narrow. Maybe replace it with a sapling, but otherwise it's a better hole now, as is.

LYNCH: No. Move up the tee and make it a reachable par 4, which Augusta doesn't have. Enough of the back-breaking holes already. Put some fun back in the course.

SENS: Yes, but a smaller version of it. The planting of extra pines on that hole have pinched the tee shot.

GODICH: Why not? The tee shot is pretty pedestrian without some kind of obstacle guarding the fairway.

MORFIT: No. It should take the hint from Mother Nature and get rid of more trees. (Not holding my breath.)

RITTER: The 17th hole changes a lot without that tree guarding the left side of the fairway. I think they need a new pine at or near that spot, but maybe one that's a different shape and species from Ike's. Can't wait to meander over to that spot in about six weeks to see what the members decided to do.

BAMBERGER: Oh, it is possible, and the club will do it. Maybe not for this year, because that would be a little showy and rushed. But soon. Surely in some nursery somewhere the boys cloned that tree.

PASSOV: Famous, awesome tree in a bad place on the golf course. Ike was right: It should have been yanked out years ago. Remember, it was named for Eisenhower not because he loved it, but because he hated it. Hasta la vista, pine tree. Better story knowing Ike gets the last laugh.

6. CBS announced a shakeup in its NFL pregame show, dropping Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe while adding Tony Gonzalez. Which golf broadcast crew could use a shakeup?

MORFIT: They all could, and they're going to get it when Fox joins the game for real, since Fox excels at one of TaylorMade CEO Mark King's favorite words: disruption.

SENS: I keep waiting for CBS to replace Faldo with a mannequin equipped with a pull-string. Jim Nantz pulls the string once, and the doll waxes nostalgic over one of its major victories. Two pulls and the doll says, "He's going to just try to trundle it down there" but no one complains because it speaks in a British accent.

VAN SICKLE: Every broadcast crew could use a little shaking up. Probably Fox will do the shaking up for us, hiring away a few key talking heads here and there for its $1 billion USGA deal.

GODICH: I vote to put on probation any analyst who marvels at how far players are hitting it these days. "Did you say seven-iron? From 190?" has become a tired phrase. Technological advancements, stronger lofts, a ball that flies farther than ever, better-conditioned players, and this week at least, playing at close to altitude on a fast golf course -- we get it.

LYNCH: “All of the Above”? What's the average age and tenure of the on-air talent at CBS and NBC? Sure, guys like Peter Kostis bring an expertise that can often elevate a broadcast, but a fresh face in the mix wouldn't go amiss. Too many announcers trade the insightful for the trite, none more so than Nick Faldo. Brilliance as a player can translate to the booth (see: Miller, Johnny), but Faldo is proof that it doesn't always. Perhaps we'll see what a fresh team looks like when Fox Sports unveils its team.

BAMBERGER: I don't know, but on the other side, Sir Nick has hugely stepped up his game, chiefly by caring about players who will never sniff a single major, let alone six. I like Feherty. If I was the boss at Golf Channel, I'd get Chamblee to more tournaments, and I'd have Lerner do more commentaries. He writes with some understanding of the sweep of time and golf needs that. Like baseball, you appreciate golf more if you know where it’s been.

PASSOV: I know he won six majors, but I have trouble understanding Nick Faldo's anecdotes, expressions, references and puns. Someone I have no trouble understanding is Brandel Chamblee, who is clear, concise, incredibly well prepared and who can break down golf swings as well as anyone. An even swap would suit me fine.

RITTER: Overall I think golf's TV teams are strong -- but if ESPN ever decided to replace Chris Berman with a new broadcaster, a golf fan chosen at random, or one those jumping chollas from Dove Mountain, I'd be fine with it.

SHIPNUCK: Fox Sports. Its coverage of the U.S. Open is awful. Or so I've been reading.

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