Tour Confidential: The final word on the 2013 POY, Rory McIlroy's engagement and the most beautiful hole in golf

Kapalua No. 18
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While half the country shovels their driveways, 30 top Tour pros are taking in this view from No. 18 on the Plantation Course at Kapalua in Hawaii.

5. In person or at home in HD, the 18th at Kapalua in Maui looks spectacular. What’s the most beautiful hole you’ve ever played?

PASSOV: I cannot imagine a prettier picture than Cypress Point's par-3 15th. That's the short one. Its equally spectacular sibling, the 230-yard, par-3 16th, is even more dramatic, but I rarely consider double-bogeys to be beautiful.

SENS: I'll take the 18th at Barnbougle Dunes in Tasmania, wallabies bounding in the fairway, ocean roiling to the right.

RITTER: Kapalua's 18th is close, but my all-time favorite is on Lanai, a short ferry from Maui. That's where I played the posh Challenge at Manele and its obscenely gorgeous par-3 12th hole, which sits atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific. Bill Gates married his wife Melinda on that tee box, and you know what I always say: if it's good enough for Bill Gates, it's good enough for me.

VAN SICKLE: The par-5 sixth hole at Pebble Beach, where the green at the tip of the headland makes you feel like you're standing on top of the world, is my favorite place in golf... so far. Hoping to do additional research, however.

GODICH: The eighth at Pebble Beach. The tee was backed up three or four groups. We had an hour-long wait. Glorious!

BAMBERGER: Mmmm. So many holes come to mind. On different days I'm sure I would answer differently, but today I'm going with the par-3 15th at the Cypress Point Club. Tomorrow it could be the par-3 16th there. Or the par-4 17th. They look beautiful and smell good, too.

SHIPNUCK: Ooof, that’s a tough one. My favorite view in golf is from the sixth green at Pebble, but the rest of that hole doesn’t have the same kind of sweeping vistas. No. 18 at the Old Course is magical in its own way. But I’d have to say the 13th hole at L.A. North. The green abuts the Playboy Mansion, and when I played there years ago, I scaled the hedge and spied a handful of Bunnies sunbathing topless by the pool.

LYNCH: The 15th at Cypress Point. The aesthetics crammed into its 143 yards are breathtaking. If I can ever concentrate on its strategic demands, I even hope to par the little b*****d one day.

6. Much of the country is dealing with snow and freezing temperatures this week. How do you satisfy your golf itch during the winter months?

GODICH: I'm taking suggestions.

LYNCH: Chase the sun at every opportunity. I fled NYC before the storm and spent the weekend in West Palm Beach, playing the Floridian, Trump International and the underrated Emerald Dunes, where the short-game practice area alone is worth the journey. Otherwise I beat the winter blues by focusing on equipment, figuring out what gear promises to elevate my game and alleviate my woes. With the help of the club doctors at Hot Stix, I have a new prescription for the season. Hope springs eternal.

PASSOV: I live on the Phoenix/Scottsdale border. During the winter months, I point my car in any direction and within five minutes, I arrive at a beautiful, challenging course. Come on out, everybody! Just go back home before June, when you need oven mitts to touch your club shafts.

BAMBERGER: I close my eyes and shoot even par. A man can dream, can't he?

SENS: I step out my front door into a warm, if alarmingly dry, California winter, and drive five minutes to the golf course, wondering why I spent the first half of my life in the Northeast.

RITTER: Office putting tournament. Who's in?

VAN SICKLE: Hitting balls at an indoor golf dome at the Robert Morris Sports Center in Coraopolis, Pa. It's part of a sports complex, with a couple of hockey rinks, on an island in the Ohio River. It's 100 yards across to the far wall of the dome, which I believe makes it the largest golf dome in North America. It also has a small practice putting green. But seriously, you've gotta go to the airport and head for Florida or Scottsdale or San Diego.

SHIPNUCK: By living in Cali. Anyone wanna be my fourth tomorrow?

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