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Tour Confidential: Cheyenne Woods' first win, Butch Harmon's star pupil Jimmy Walker, and is Pebble Beach overrated?

Bill Murray
Robert Beck / Sports Illustrated
Bill Murray was missing in action this weekend at Pebble Beach.

5. With everybody’s favorite Pebble amateur Bill Murray on movie duty, who was your favorite celebrity to watch this week and why?

SENS: Chris Berman. Hey, it beats having to listen to him talk about golf.

SHIPNUCK: Peyton. He was a great sport with the fans and showed off a pretty incredible short-game considering his rust.

BAMBERGER: Phil. Because he was wildly unpredictable. Followed by Feherty. Manning gets points just for being there, but not enough to change the outcome of SB48.

LYNCH: I'm a conscientious objector where celebrity pro-am events are concerned, so I didn't turn on the TV until the focus moved to golf. Life is too short to watch a sitcom actor's swing deconstructed on the Konica Minolta Bizhub thingy against the inane, awkward chatter of Nick Faldo, who is really starting to make me miss Lanny Wadkins.

VAN SICKLE: I didn't see all of the celeb action, but what I did see was incredibly dull. The tourney really misses Bill Murray and Jack Lemmon and even Clint. I was intrigued to see Condoleezza Rice hit a few shots. If I had to follow a celeb for nine holes, I'd follow her.

GODICH: Peyton Manning. The guy's got a remarkably sound swing, and I was equally impressed with his short game.

MORFIT: I liked Walker's partner, whoever he was, because he knew that his job was to just putt out quickly and get out of the way.

6. After a quick visit to India, Tiger Woods spent the weekend at home, reportedly "working on his game." If you were his swing coach, or his life coach, what would be the first piece of advice you would give him?

SHIPNUCK: Eliminate every single mechanical thought you've ever had. Do nothing but chip and putt for the next month. Play like you're 16 again.

GODICH: I've been trying to tell Tiger this for years: Play more. I don't want to hear how he's striping it on the range. I want to see him make that swing when he's under the gun. Again and again. Shake the rust off. Schedule a couple of events you don't normally play. Nothing beats being battle-tested, even for someone with Tiger's experience.

LYNCH: Tiger's trip to the Middle East and India netted him several million dollars. I expect he spent the weekend at home counting that haul, not waiting for life advice from golf writers.

VAN SICKLE: It's impossible to make assumptions about Tiger and his game without more info -- like what he's trying to accomplish with his swing, what it feels like to him, how his body feels and how much he's able to practice. That's all info we don't know. Folks were critical of Hank Haney's work with Tiger and all he did was win. Under Sean Foley, Tiger won five times last year. So with a lack of insider info, I don't have any advice for Tiger other than don't listen to people who don't know the facts. Like us. As a life coach, I'd offer something controversial like, “Be a good person.”

RITTER: Here's what I see: no one in golf has less fun inside the ropes than Tiger. I think he needs to somehow take a step back and try to enjoy the experience of being the best player in the game. He's returned to No. 1 when a lot of folks thought he was toast. He's one of the best athletes ever. Enjoy it. I can't pretend to know what life is like inside his fishbowl -- there's no doubt that at times it can be suffocating -- but he needs to do whatever it takes to start having fun at work again.

SENS: If I thought Tiger were open to the sort of advice that really matters, I'd say learn about gratitude and the Golden Rule. But since what really seems to drive him is winning majors, I'd say, "Swallow your ridiculous pride and go back to Butch -- if Butch will have you."

MORFIT: The guy won five times last year, so I don't think he's that far off. If I was his coach, I'd tell him to just sit back and enjoy the ride, because whether he does or doesn't ever win another major, he's done enough. Maybe that would help him get out of his own way at Augusta, Pinehurst, Hoylake and Valhalla.

BAMBERGER: If I were his swing coach, I'd tell him to fire me and make up with Butch.

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