Tour Confidential: The best swing in golf

Rickie Fowler
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The bright orange jumpsuit is a Rickie Fowler fashion favorite.

3. Given the history of folks like Phil Mickelson breaking his leg while skiing, Paul Casey derailing his career in a snowboarding accident and Ernie Els missing half a season after a tubing-behind-a-speedboat mishap, is Adam Scott crazy for surfing during a tournament in the prime of his career?

VAN SICKLE: Even if you're a golfer, you've got to live a life. You can blow your knee out playing pickup basketball. Since he's an Aussie, I'll assume Scott has got some medium surfing skills. It's still risky, but if something happens, oh yeah, he's still got more money than he can ever spend. I would definitely recommend against chainsaw juggling, however.

PASSOV: If I were Adam Scott, I'd leave the surfboard in the garage until I'm 50 years old. But I'm not Adam Scott. He's likely already earned enough money to last him the rest of his life. If surfing keeps him sane and happy and motivated to help him practice and compete, let him hang ten whenever and wherever he likes.

BAMBERGER: No, he's living his life. If he didn't live his life, it would likely result in poorer golf.

LYNCH: He'd be crazy not to. Even for talented athletes, life should not a joyless trudge through the record books. It's not all about protecting a golfer's career potential. If it was, we might as well caution him against driving near fire hydrants. He seems to have the right balance.

RITTER: Guys can unwind any way they choose. Sure, some hobbies are riskier than others, but what out there doesn't pose at least some element of danger? Have you ever tried to cross 86th St. in Manhattan in rush hour? I'd rather take my chances on a surfboard in the Pacific.

GODICH: These guys get criticized for having no personality and being robotic on and off the golf course. What's wrong with having a little fun? Good for Adam Scott -- as long as he's not taking on 20-foot waves off of Oahu or trying his hand at cliff-diving.

SENS: Not unless you think he should also stop driving, flying, cooking and breathing the air when he plays in China. There are risks in everything. He plays golf for a living, but it's not his life. I guess he could take precautions, like wearing a helmet. But that would get him laughed off the island.

4. Rickie Fowler said that he'd rather be known as a great player than for what he wears on the course. Are there any other Tour stars you think are recognized for the wrong reasons?

BAMBERGER: Brian Gay is recognized for being a short-knocker. He's a good player. Boo Weekley is recognized for being a redneck. He's a better player. Vijay Singh is recognized as a misanthrope. He is one of the best players ever.

SENS: Lee Trevino. The "Merry Mex," but not so merry in many off-course encounters. John Daly. So many off-course train wrecks that it's easy to forget he won two majors.

PASSOV: Ian Poulter is best known for his spiky hair, flashy outfits and outspokenness, as well as for his insanely impressive Ryder Cup performances. He never seems to show the consistency or closing skills to ascend into the Top 10 and stay there, but he's been a legitimate Top 20 to Top 30 player for several years. He probably deserves more credit for being a really good player than we've been willing to give him.

LYNCH: Sports is marketing, and Fowler might be the most famous one-time winner on Tour. But there's nothing wrong in Fowler being known more for his clothes than his play since he draws plenty of kids to events. He at least has a positive effect, which is more than can be said for Steve Elkington, a blowhard fool who is now known more for his obnoxious Twitter ramblings than his on-course accomplishments.

RITTER: Too many to list. Many pros are known for looks/style over substance, like Rickie, Freddie and half the LPGA. Others are known for coming up short in majors, which overshadows otherwise stellar careers, like Stricker and Westwood. Then there are players who are defined by an epic blunder. For example, Roberto de Vicenzo had a great career and won a British Open. Who knew?

GODICH: I'll go with Colin Montgomerie, Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia, Luke Donald -- best players never to have won a major. You could also take you pick on any number of players who need to do something about their pace of play.

VAN SICKLE: Fowler is the poster boy for endorsement success. Before him, who even knew Puma was still in golf? The Fowler mystique is difficult to quantify or explain. He's a little like Freddie Couples, he's just cool and people want to hang with him. Ian Poulter is very well known for the few wins he's managed to score. Fowler so far has been a modern-day Marty Fleckman or the male version of Laura Baugh or Natalie Gulbis but let's not forget, he's still young and still getting better.

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