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Tour Confidential: Best and Worst Moments of 2013, Looking Forward to 2014 and Best Golf Book Stocking Stuffers

National Golf Links
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A few of our writers are eyeing a round at the National Golf Links of America in 2014.

5. It's time for New Year's resolutions. What will you be doing differently as a golfer in 2014?

SHIPNUCK: Inspired by Kuchar, I'm working on a more compact backswing. Beyond that, I'm gonna search for some new irons and wedges. Mine are practically prehistoric, dating to 2006 or so. If you can believe all the ads, I'll be hitting my 7-iron 200 yards in no time!

LYNCH: I just filled out's digital pegboard for the Top 100 Courses and realized I've played 47 of the World Top 100. I intend to add to that figure, starting with No. 1 on my target list, National Golf Links. I'm also finally going to remain faithful to one set of clubs and stop experimenting. I have 12 months to do that and still have it count as a 2014 resolution, right?

PASSOV: For the first time in years, I vow to practice. I'm coming off two years of shoulder injuries, and things aren't quite meshing yet, but I'm truly psyched up to hit balls with some purpose. That and a new fitness program -- and chances are good I'll switch back to tennis by year's end.

BAMBERGER: I hope to play more and putt less.

SENS: Pronate prior to supination. Or, wait. Is it the other way around?

RITTER: I make the same golf resolution every year: to play more rounds. This is the year, I just know it.

VAN SICKLE: I'm going modest on resolutions. There are great golf courses that I should have played and haven't (everything in Bandon Dunes, Sand Hills and National Golf Links, for starters) but I'm not going to pin myself down there. I'll settle for not leaving any putts short in 2014. I mean, I hate that.

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