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Tour Confidential: Best and Worst Moments of 2013, Looking Forward to 2014 and Best Golf Book Stocking Stuffers

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson
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All eyes will be on Tiger and Phil in 2014. Can they equal or surpass their success of the previous year?

3. What player, tournament or development are you most looking forward to in 2014?

SHIPNUCK: Tiger at the Masters and Phil at Pinehurst. Both have a date with destiny. Can they come through?

BAMBERGER: Tiger, late on a Sunday in a major, when he's in position to win No. 15.

LYNCH: Vijay Singh's lawsuit against the PGA Tour is one story that has the potential to entertain everyone except Tim Finchem in 2014. If Singh succeeds in shining a light on the Tour's drug testing policies and enforcement, the ramifications are enormous. I'll repeat what I said a few weeks ago: he is the Tour's worst nightmare as a litigant because he's pissed off and can't be bought off.

VAN SICKLE: It's easy to expect a lot from Jordan Spieth after his breakthrough rookie season, and obviously we'll all be watching to see Rory McIlroy's rebound. How about Henrik Stenson? Did the Swede just have a nice run, or is he now poised to start racking up majors? Also, the back-to-back men's and women's Opens at Pinehurst is an experiment that will be interesting no matter how well or how badly it turns out.

RITTER: The Masters and British will always be interesting, but this year the U.S. Open at Pinehurst, and Phil's quest for a career slam, will be golf's main event.

PASSOV: I'm pretty pumped to see what Donald Trump and Gil Hanse did to Doral's Blue Monster, and to see Tiger's first completed course at Mexico's Diamante, but I most eager to see how Pinehurst No. 2 compares for men versus women, when they play back-to-back National Opens in June. I'm most excited though to have the Ryder Cup back on Scottish soil, at Gleneagles. That will be cool. Cold, wet and cool.

SENS: Forgive me for taking the gimme, but the back nine on Sunday at Augusta, with Ryder Cup singles matches coming in just behind.

4. What's the best book to give a golfer for Christmas?

SHIPNUCK: “The Swinger” or “Bud, Sweat & Tees.” I kid. I'd say Bobby Jones's “Down the Fairway.” So much wisdom and history is contained in those pages.

PASSOV: Until Tom Doak's new Confidential Guide comes out, it's worth the big bucks to find a copy of the old one. It's the best cut-to-the-chase book of golf course reviews ever written. For something similar, but with spectacular photos, Darius Oliver's Planet Golf and Planet Golf USA is my pick. Finally, he's a rival, but a longtime pal, but Brad Klein is an impressive scholar. Buy one of his books -- and learn.

SENS: Leslie Nielson's “Stupid Little Golf Book.” Filled with indispensable tips, including the "Brush-aroo," which teaches you how to rattle your opponent by driving so close to hedges that you almost knock him from the cart.

BAMBERGER: "Out of the Bunker and into the Trees," by Rex Lardner. Actually, it's on my own wish-list. It comes highly recommended by my friend John Garrity, and I trust John.

LYNCH: For fans: “Maybe It Should Have Been a Three-Iron” by Lawrence Donegan. Fifteen years later, it's still among the funniest books about the Tour life that you can read. For Tour pros: “God is Not Great,” by my late friend Christopher Hitchens. Golf could use more free thinkers and fewer predictable proselytizers.

VAN SICKLE: The collection of Dan Jenkins pieces, "The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate," is the best read in golf. It's Jenkins in his prime. Two recent efforts that didn't get the attention they deserve are "The King of Clubs" by Jim Ducibella, about the coast-to-coast 1938 golf marathon that inexplicably hasn't already been made into a Disney flick, and "Danny Mo" by John Haines, a rare golf novel that feels authentic and, by the way, includes a fictional magazine piece written by me and my first appearance as a fictional-nonfictional person.

RITTER: For something breezy and fun, you can't go wrong with "Who's Your Caddy?" by former SI staffer Rick Reilly.

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