PGA Tour Confidential: Tiger Woods wins Players, Sergio implodes on 17th hole

Sergio Garcia, The Players
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In contention with two holes to play, Sergio Garcia dunked two balls into the water on the par-3 17th hole to end his chances at a title.

3. Sergio Garcia looked ready to force a playoff with Tiger before he dunked two balls into the water on 17. How much scar tissue will Garcia carry from this loss?

Goydos: Some, but not a lot. Things don't always work out, and he understands that. He has also had success on 17, by the way.

Morfit: Sergio is mostly scar tissue, but the guy is just so damn good. I've been telling people all week that if Sergio ever grows up and/or starts doing some real work on himself -- the kind where you lie on a couch and tell some guy with a goatee all your nightmares about Tiger -- he will be an absolutely deadly competitor.

Van Sickle: Sergio has scar tissue on top of scar tissue. The Stadium Course is the kind of funky place where one poor swing is a wet triple bogey. I think he can get over this. But maybe not at this course.

Wei: He'll be just fine. He was trying to win the tournament on 17 and I can't blame him for being aggressive. After his first ball in the water, he needed a miracle to win, so pretty much everything that happened afterwards means nothing.

Lynch: None. Garcia has already convinced himself not just that there are golf gods, but that they're out to get him. He's been pedaling that pathology since losing the Open at Carnoustie in 2007. And once a professional athlete goes down that psychological cul-de-sac then bad breaks don't represent new scar tissue, rather just another confirmation of what he already holds to be inevitable.

Ritter: It could galvanize him the same way the '12 British Open strengthened Adam Scott, but I'm not sure Sergio is cut from the same cloth.

Bamberger: How does one measure scar tissue, in depth? If his scar tissue was three inches thick it is now seven but that's right after surgery. Time will heal, as it does.

Passov: I don't think this hurts him at all -- except in any tournament with Tiger in the field.

4. Now that Sergio has made it clear how he feels about Tiger (and vice versa), it's time for others to open up. Fill in the blank: I wish ______ would tell us how he feels about ______.

Godich: I wish Tiger would tell us how he really feels about Phil, Rory and Vijay. And vice versa.

Morfit: I wish Ian Poulter would tell us how he really feels about Tiger.

Van Sickle: I wish Old Tom Morris would tell us what he really thinks about Tiger Woods. And he'd better not say, "Go. Play."

Wei: Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy.

Bamberger: Fred and himself.

Goydos: I have enough trouble dealing with my game, or lack thereof, to worry about such silliness. I can watch soap operas on my week off.

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