Tour Confidential: Are Tiger and Phil done winning majors? Plus, Rory vs. Spieth and Players Championship picks

Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy
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Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy at the 2013 Open Championship. The 25-year-old McIlroy already has two majors to his name, but the 20-year-old Spieth narrowly missed becoming the youngest Masters winner ever last month.

3. Do you like the Players' new three-hole playoff format?

VAN SICKLE: Playing three pretty good holes—16, 17 and 18—seems like a fairer way to determine a champion, but it may not be as dramatic. One thing about sudden death—it's sudden and it's final.

ANONYMOUS PRO: I didn't like sudden death starting at the par-3 17th at all. I don't like a playoff where it may be over with one swing. I'm not big on this, either. The 18th is the best hole on the course. Start there and just keep playing that hole until there's a winner.

SHIPNUCK: The three-hole playoff makes sense, but it's also a disaster. The 17th hole playoff distilled the entire, over-the-top essence of the Players—silly, totally gaudy and cool. Now you've got to slog through three holes.

BAMBERGER: At least 16, 17 and 18 are exciting holes. They offer the potential for tremendous drama.

ANONYMOUS PRO: One guy goes eagle-par, the other guy goes par-double and the 18th will be ceremonial. How exciting will that be? If the playoff is tied after three holes, where do they go?

VAN SICKLE: Sudden death at 17.

ANONYMOUS PRO: I don't like it. That's too gimmicky.

GARRITY: Three holes drain the drama. Before, you went to 17, made one bad swing and your dream died. There was so much tension and everybody felt it. Now if you dunk one in the water at 17, you just shrug because the other guy may make triple at 18.

BAMBERGER: When you have three playoff holes with water, you'll either see guys stepping up or puking their guts out.

4. Whose future looks brighter: Rory McIlroy's or Jordan Spieth's?

SHIPNUCK: Rory has an extra gear. At the Masters he was bombing his driver and playing from positions in some fairways I've never seen.

GARRITY: I'll go with McIlroy for the same reason. The really impressive lifetime careers come from the guys with big games who hit it long and play a lot of special shots.

VAN SICKLE: One thing Spieth does is get the ball in the hole. The man can chip and putt. Rory seems to have regressed on the greens, so I'll go with Jordan. It's always about putting, even at majors.

BAMBERGER: Rory's fundamentals are so good that he will have tremendous staying power. They're both great talents. Rory may not have as much short game as Jordan, but he's got more firepower.

ANONYMOUS PRO: Exactly. I like Rory's upside more, even though I don't like the way he's putting. He's pushing putts and getting blocky. When it comes to ball striking, though, Rory has everything.

BAMBERGER: One thing Spieth has is a monomaniacal zeal for golf. We've seen what a monomaniacal zeal for golf can do in the hands of Tiger Woods.

ANONYMOUS PRO: Jordan has kind of a knuckly ball flight and has trouble drawing the ball consistently. He couldn't draw one to save his life on the back nine on Sunday at the Masters. He's got a straight ball flight, kind of flat with not a lot of spin. Rory's power game is much better suited to majors and big courses.

SHIPNUCK: I read that somebody set the over/under on career majors for Spieth at 2½. A lot of great players—great players—won only two. It would be a big leap for Spieth to get to three.

GARRITY: Rory already has the Q factor, he's an outsized celebrity. He's recognized around the world and is really marketable. Spieth has a smoldering intensity but doesn't have a look or style that's truly marketable yet. I'd view Rory as an Arnold Palmer and Spieth as a Gary Player. They might be two players for the ages, but I remember which one I wanted to be when I was a kid.

VAN SICKLE: Bunky Henry?

GARRITY: Arnie. This question is like going back 20 years and asking who's got a better future: Tiger or Phil? There is no wrong answer.

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