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Tour Confidential: Are Tiger and Phil done winning majors? Plus, Rory vs. Spieth and Players Championship picks

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson
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Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at the 2013 Deutsche Bank Championship. Woods has not played since undergoing back surgery on March 31, while Mickelson has missed four cuts in 2014.

Are Phil and Tiger still major-worthy? How many more green jackets will Bubba collect? What's with the new Players' playoff? Rory or Jordan? Who will be the last man standing? SI Golf Group convened a panel of experts -- along with a Tour player who participated on the condition of anonymity -- to tackle these questions and more in this Tour Confidential Extra.

1. Are Phil and Tiger done winning majors?

John Garrity, special contributor, Sports Illustrated (@jgarrity2): I'm not even tempted to say they're done. Phil won a major nine months ago and Tiger, who won five times last year, is merely temporarily out of the picture. The majors are where these guys shine.

Alan Shipnuck, senior writer, Sports Illustrated (@AlanShipnuck): They're both losing mojo at a horrible rate. Their bodies are betraying them, but they lust after majors and they have the know-how. If Phil can shake off Merion to win like he did at Muirfield, anything's possible.

ANONYMOUS PRO: Phil played horribly in Augusta, which totally surprised me. It was Phil being Phil—he overprepared and overthought it with that extra wedge in his bag. He pretty much designs a new club for every major these days.

Gary Van Sickle, senior writer, Sports Illustrated (@GaryVanSickle): Maybe beating everyone isn't as satisfying as also outsmarting them.

ANONYMOUS PRO: Sometimes he should just go play.

Michael Bamberger, senior writer, Sports Illustrated: Like many, I'm openly rooting for Phil at Pinehurst. If he calls it a day after that, more power to him. Tiger, if he gets healthy, will be a threat at Augusta for another 15 years.

SHIPNUCK: Don't forget about Tiger and the 2015 Open at the Old Course, where he's won twice. People say this is the year Phil has to get his U.S. Open, but Chambers Bay next year is kind of wide-open; it might suit him perfectly. It's too soon to say they're done.

ANONYMOUS PRO: While there are a lot of good young players out there, I'm not sure how many of them are ready to win majors. Or beat Phil or Tiger on the final nine.

VAN SICKLE: Great players are like recessions—you don't know they're done until years later. How long was it after Arnold Palmer's last major in 1964 before anyone began thinking he might not win another? Probably a decade. We still believed when Jack Nicklaus made another Masters run in 1998 at 58.

GARRITY: Tom Watson challenged for the British Open when he was almost 60. Tiger and Phil can remain competitive for a long time.

2. Do you see more majors or a Hall of Fame in Bubba Watson's future?

BAMBERGER: Bubba will be an Augusta National specialist, but I don't see his game translating as well anywhere else. He could have 20 more Masters chances so why not one or two more wins?

ANONYMOUS PRO: I agree. Bubba's game doesn't travel great. He's all about using length to his advantage, and the U.S. and British Open venues don't play to that—except Pinehurst this year, with no rough. I see him winning another Masters, for sure.

SHIPNUCK: If John Daly can win on the Old Course, that should be a great course for Bubba too, with his ability to shape shots and trajectories. I can't wait to watch Bubba play the next 10 British Opens. It's easy to see Bubba winning two of the next seven or eight Masters.

ANONYMOUS PRO: Bubba is good in an Augusta environment and likewise Riviera, where he won this year. I'm not sold on his putting, though.

VAN SICKLE: With his shotmaking skills, you'd think Bubba would have a better major record. On the other hand, he's only been competing in them for six years.

SHIPNUCK: Bubba is a late bloomer. If we give him one more green jacket and he picks off a British Open, is he a Hall of Famer? Hell, yeah.

GARRITY: If he wins one more Masters, he's got more majors than Greg Norman and Johnny Miller. That's a Hall of Famer.

BAMBERGER: Fred Couples got in the Hall with one major and what, 15 total wins? Bubba doesn't have to win another major; he just has to win a few more Hartfords.

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