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Tour Confidential: Will Tiger Woods Return In May?
By Alan Shipnuck
Monday, April 25, 2016

Sports Illustrated's Alan Shipnuck breaks down the good and bad -- and sometimes even the ugly -- of the weekend that was in professional golf. More often than not, someone blew a lead, another player stormed onto the scene and a few others provided us unforgettable moments, for whatever reason. Who is a hero and who is a zero? Find out below, but make sure to check back next week. You never know who will show up.


1. Charley Hoffman. His duff at the Texas Open got a lot of talk, but guess what? He still saved par. And his birdie on the 72nd hole to pull out a win is as satisfying as it gets.

Charley Hoffman HZ 042516

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2. Haru Nomura. Her 73 to close out the Swinging Skirts is one of the rounds of the year: long rough, tough flags and cold, heavy 35 mph gusts made for the toughest conditions in ages.

Haru Nomura HZ 042516

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3. Hashtag Chad. Wesley Bryan's evolution from trick-shot artist to big-time prospect is stunning, but how about his caddie during last week's Web.com victory? That was none other than Callaway Golf's ubiquitous social media czar, Chad Coleman. His dispatches from the front lines were required reading/watching.

Chad Coleman HZ 042516

@HashtagChad Twitter

4. Patrick Reed. That was a macho shot into the 72nd hole, and I like that Reed is stewing about not getting more victories. Golf is way more interesting with this guy on the leaderboard.

Pat Reed HZ 042516

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5. Billy Horschel. His over-the-top celebrating that Reed did not win perfectly channeled the emotions of many viewers at home.

Billy Horschel HZ 042516

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1. Laddish golfers. SB2K16 was great fun…for the first 24 hours. "Beef" did in fact get hammered. Kevin Kisner got suspended for racing golf carts. What's next, Guy Ritchie replacing Lance Barrow?

SB2K16 HZ 042516

@RickieFowler15 Snapchat

2. Michelle Wie. Another week, another downturn for Wiesy; in this case she was 11 over through 15 holes on Sunday before WD'ing with a neck thing. I've always believed that Wie would go on a long, sustained run and win the trophies that seemed to be her destiny. It gets harder and harder to believe.

Michelle Wie HZ 042516

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3. Tiger speculation. Hey, I'm as fascinated as everybody else as to what his next act will look like, but wake me when he actually puts a peg in the ground. Until then all this pontificating about when he will or won't play is utterly pointless.

Tiger HZ 042516

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4. Ricky Barnes. It was painful watching him go backward on Sunday yet again. The guy is a physical specimen, which tells you just how mental the game is at the highest level.

Ricky Barnes HZ 042516

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5. Firestone. The PGA Tour is paying the price for scheduling this rather boring WGC opposite the 100th anniversary of the French Open. Rory McIlroy has announced he will skip Akron in favor of Versailles, opening the door for other top Euros to follow his lead. Which they will.

Bridgestone HZ 042516

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