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Tour Confidential: Who's Poised for a Big Year in 2016?
By Alan Shipnuck
Monday, November 30, 2015

Sports Illustrated's Alan Shipnuck breaks down the good and bad -- and sometimes even the ugly -- of the weekend that was in professional golf. More often than not, someone blew a lead, another player stormed onto the scene and a few others provided us unforgettable moments, for whatever reason. Who is a hero and who is a zero? Find out below, but make sure to check back next week. You never know who will show up.


1. Matt Jones. Is it me, or is he the coolest guy in golf?

113015 HZ matt jones

Matt King/Getty Images

2. Charl Schwartzel. When he is on-song he looks like the best player in golf. I just wish it happened more often.

113015 HZ charl schwartzel

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

3. Diana Murphy. Hail, hail, to the USGA's soon-to-be new president, only the second woman to hold the post. She’ll get to enjoy all the hate-mail sent by yippy golfers have been embittered by anchoring ban.

113015 HZ diana murphy

USGA/Chris Keane

4. Golf Canada. Unlike the persnickety USGAGolf Canada will continue to recognize solo rounds for handicap purposes.

113015 HZ golf canada


5. Rickie Fowler. Forget winning the Players or Scottish Open – when you score a gig on College GameDay, you’ve officially arrived.

113015 HZ rickie fowler

@golf_com screenshot


1. Jordan Spieth. Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Greg Norman…Spieth had a golden opportunity to join them on the list of back-to-back Australian Open champs but he couldn’t do better than an even-par final round. Slacker.

113015 HZ jordan spieth

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

2. Adam Scott. A closing 65 is pretty stout but Scott was tentative with the putter on the closing holes, leaving him one stroke short and still winless for '15.

113015 HZ adam scott

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

3. Tiger Woods. He has been reduced to nothing more than a gimpy ceremonial host at this week’s World Challenge. A well-compensated one, but still.

113015 HZ tiger woods

Hector Vivas/STR via Getty Images

4. Wentworth. The members at this old boy’s club in England are feuding with a rapacious new Chinese owner who wants to glitz the place up, and the whole mess is threatening to become an international incident. It really tugs at the heartstrings, these battles of the haves and have-mores.

113015 HZ wentworth

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

5. Lincoln Tighe. He tied for 5th at the Oz Open, along with Nick Cullen, and could have grabbed the last spot into next year’s Open Championship but it went to Cullen based on his higher World Ranking. Algorithms are so cruel.

113015 HZ lincoln tighe

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images


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