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Tiger Woods to Design Second U.S. Course Outside of Nashville

Tour Confidential: Forget Majors, Can Tiger Top Sam Snead's Win Record?
Tiger Woods announced last week that he is still interested in chasing Jack Nicklaus' 18 major record. But with a mediocre few seasons plagued by injury, will he even be able to best Sam Snead's all-time PGA Tour wins record?

On the heels of his first U.S. course design set to open in a few weeks, Tiger Woods reportedly already has his second domestic gig lined up.

A report in the Nashville Business Journal says a new development south of Nashville will be anchored by a Tiger Woods-designed golf course. His first course, Bluejack National outside of Houston, will open in early November.

The course will be a part of a 1,200 acre development in Thompson's Station, 30 miles south of Nashville.

"We're very excited about it," said Joe Cosentini, town administrator. "That's right up our alley, as far as what we want to see in new development. It's meeting all of the goals the town wanted."

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Woods talked to about his design philosophy earlier this month and said his company will only take on a select number of projects at any one time so he can give each course his full attention.

"I’ve always loved the idea of working in golf course design, but what I’ve found is that designing courses is very much a process of discovery," Woods said. "I am an analytical guy, which has always been helpful in my game, but equally so in golf course design. Breaking down the course shot by shot to think through all options in the design has been something I’ve loved."

Woods' first course design, El Cardonal in Mexico, opened in December 2014. In March, reported Woods was tapped to redesign a course in Beijing, China for $16.5 million. 

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